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Eric’s Greatest Hits

September 1, 2009

GoVols has a piece up covering some of Eric’s greatest moments.  Here’s the link:

Choosing Eric’s greatest moments is pretty tough.  That is like choosing William Shakespeare’s greatest lines.  Or maybe the best Beatles songs of all time.  Or the greatest episode of Cop Rock.  How the heck do ya do it?

I’m gonna borrow a bit from my homeboy Nostradamus and say that Eric’s greatest moments are all in the future.  Here goes:

* Sept. 19th at Florida – Berry hits Tim Tebow, who is trying to score on a run inside the 10-yard line.  Berry knocks his head off…literally.  Tebow still scores, but is exposed as a cyborg.

* Oct. 10th Georgia – Berry picks off new QB Joe Cox in the endzone and runs the pick back for a 100-yard TD.  The Vols decide to go for 2.  They put Berry in on offense.  Eric does a triple somersault into the endzone, spelling out V-O-L-S with his hands while in the air.

* Oct. 24th at Alabama – Eric comes up into the box on a short yardage running play.  Bama has put Terrence “Mount” Cody in at FB.  Eric flies through the line and hits Cody like a ton of bricks, pushing him back into the runner and stuffing the play. Later in that same game Berry hits WR Julio Jones on a crossing route.  Julio spontaneously combusts.  The last known incident of this happening was  Spinal Tap drummer Mick Shrimpton, who just exploded onstage in the middle of a set.  Eric Berry isn’t charged because…well, he’s Eric Berry.


Berry vs Tebow

July 29, 2009

Many people think Tim Tebow is one of the best players in the history of college football.  He is above average.  I’ll certainly concede that point.  Is he better than Mr. Berry?  No.  Not even close.

Eric is able to dominate games simply by walking on the field.  His mere presence has significant impact.  Tebow, on the other hand, has to actually take 60 or 70 snaps each week to get anything done.

The preseason SEC voters understood this.  Berry got more votes than Tebow (62 to 61).   And if you can’t trust preseason SEC voters…well then who the heck can you trust?  They have the wisdom of Solomon and the moral strength of Thomas Becket.  If only they had the creativity of Vald the Impaler.  Voting would be pretty cool in that world.

Anyway, back to reality.  I was saying that Eric Berry is about a million times better than Tebow.  Honestly, if you take away Tim’s Heisman Trophy and National Titles, what has he really done at UF?

Check out this Youtube video of Eric to appreciate his awesomeness.