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Gameday vs Carolina

October 31, 2009

I know I promised that Eric Berry would pick off a pass last week.  I apologize for being wrong.  I was falsely under the impression that Bama QB Greg McElroy would actually throw the ball more than 2 yards downfield.

Eric is the best DB in college football, but even he can’t pick off passes that are in the air for only .92 seconds.  Eric is quick.  He anticipates well.  But Doc Einstein proved in the Magna Carta that nothing is faster than the speed of light.  No DB can get to a pass that is only thrown a few feet.

Say what you want about The Ol’ Ball Coach, but at least he has guts.  His team will throw the ball downfield.  I just hope Eric doesn’t faint from the shock of seeing someone have the courage to test him.

Being a god ain’t easy.


Midseason Update

October 15, 2009

I’m sorry for the lack of recent activity.  I felt the only fair thing to do was lay low and give the other 10,000+  college players a chance to have their day i the sun.  Now…time’s over.  Eric is livin’ large and in charge and I’ll be documenting every minute of it. So let’s talk about my favorite subject, Mr. Eric Berry.

UT is halfway through the season.  6 games are in the books and let’s look at EB’s stat line:

35 tackles – 15 assts – 4.5 TFLs – 4 PBUs – 1 INT

Taylor Mays and his 1 INT and 14 solo tackles are impressed.  Eric’s pick came off Hypeman Trophy winner Tim Tebow.  Berry also gave Tebow a concussion with a big hit.  Oddly, the concussion didn’t totally flare up until late in the Kentucky game.  Pretty weird, huh?  EB has had some other monster hits so far this year.  Game time is pain time when EB’s out there huntin’ you up.

Like me, Eric felt it necessary to give other guys a chance to shine.  He only had the one pick.  He didn’t have any interception return yards.  That’s about to change shortly.  This Saturday is the Vols bye week.  After that, the classic third Saturday in October matchup with Bama looms.  What better way to break the NCAA record for INT return yardage than vs the Criminal Tide, aka Bama?  Book it.

My sources tell me EB is going to unleash his fury on the Nicktator and QB Greg McElroy.  No one’s face will melt off, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, but you can bet that some retinas will be scarred by the blinding light of EB racing upfield with the ball after a breathtaking pick.

Get ready 2nd half of the season.  EB and I are rarin’ to go.