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Eric is a Thief???

August 26, 2009

That’s what this SI article would have you believe.

Thief on the Field

I had already started calling my attorney when I realized the article was referring to Eric’s propensity for picking off passes.  (A lot of alliteration goes a long way. )  I wasn’t about to let some Sports Illustrated hack insult Eric the Great.  Luckily the writer is on board with the truth…Eric is God.


I apologize for not posting for a few weeks.  I spend time every August with some buddies re-enacting battles.  From the Punic Wars.  I love to be Hannibal.  We can always find some hills or mountains to substitute for the Alps.  The hard part is finding elephants to use.

Thankfully I’m back and will have regular posts on Mr. Berry.  Any zoos that wish to inquire about missing animals should talk to my friend Snappy.  I don’t know anything.  I swear.


Monte Has A Man Crush

August 8, 2009

Here’s a link to an article about how much Monte Kiffin loves Eric Berry.

My reaction…I saw him first, Monte.  Find your own star defensive back to get excited over.  I started a blog about Mr. Berry.  All you do is coach him.

Anywho…the article does pose a really interesting idea:  cloning.  Imagine a field full of Eric Berrys.  How awesome would that be?

Monte says that he will move Berry around this year so that opposing offenses can’t count on him being in the same place all the time.  Berry is one of the few DBs that can make a difference when playing deep, shallow, or attacking into the backfield.  Monte was generally pretty vanilla with his Bucs defenses.  I certainly hope that he is creative with Berry and gives him a chance to make plays all over the field.

Week 1 just can’t get here fast enough.

As for Me vs Monte, I’ll let you be the judge:

I’m pretty sure Eric would make the right choice.

Eric Update

August 6, 2009

Eric Berry isn’t one of those guy who just plays hard when the cameras are on.  He works hard.  He practices hard.  Check out this note from Day 2 of practice:

Kiffin said junior defensive back Eric Berry accounted for four or five turnovers, and junior defensive end Chris Walker — named most improved player during spring practice — has continued to be a solid pass rusher.

It would be awfully easy for Eric to rest on his laurels and coast into the NFL.  It doesn’t sound like that will be happening.  Good.  I’m looking forward to Eric having a great season and putting up some insane numbers.

Here’s another practice note.  This one is from Randy Moore.

They say you play like you practice, and All-America safety Eric Berry is proof. He practices with more enthusiasm than any player I’ve seen in nearly 30 years covering the Vols.

Covering tight end Ben Bartholomew on a drag route over the middle, Berry tipped the pass, then Bartholomew tipped the pass. Berry tipped it twice more and Bartholomew tipped it twice more before the ball finally dropped to the ground. Berry and Bartholomew shared a laugh, then hugged like a couple of brothers reunited after a five-year absence.

Several times in Tuesday’s workout Berry raced 30 yards or more downfield to overtake receivers and strip the ball from them when they relaxed their grip on the ball, thinking they were in the clear.

I can’t wait for Week 1 of the season to get here.