This blog has only one agenda…to spread the word of Eric Berry‘s greatness.  You may wonder who this mysterious Eric Berry is.  Simple.  Eric is greatness personified.

Berry plays safety for the Tennessee Vols.  He’s only a junior this season, but is already closing in on the all-time record for interception return yardage.  He’s only 5’11, 203 so you might think he’s a finesse player that is only good against the pass.  No way.

Eric is the best hitter in all of college football.  He will punish receivers who try to catch the ball over the middle of the field.  Eric will also come up and destroy running backs like a German Tiger tank driving over a French latrine in 1940.  Georgia RB Knowhson Moreno fled from college football for fear of having to face Berry again this season.  Smart move, Mr. Moreno.  I wonder what he’ll do if Eric lands in the same division in the NFL.  My guess…Moreno takes up hockey.

Eric has a few simple goals this year:

1.  lead Tennessee to a good record and bowl game

2. win the Heisman Trophy

3. pick off +/- 8 passes and score 3 defensive TDs

4. bring peace to the Middle East

5. find a way to make styrofoam biodegradable

6. announce who really did kill JFK

7. his biggest challenge is hunting down Jack Bauer and making sure that man gets some rest

Tennessee’s first game is September 5th against Western Kentucky.  Do the Hilltoppers really know what they are getting into?  Someone ought to warn those poor fellas that Eric is going to have a lot of pent up anger from not being able to hit an opponent in 10 months.

To quote the guy from First Blood, “Bring a good supply of body bags”.


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