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Great Article on Eric

July 31, 2009

GoVolsExtra has a piece up that talks about Eric visiting a hospital.  The article also talks about his phone conversation with Ed Reed.  Apparently Ed is a big fan of Eric’s.  I always knew that Ed was a smart guy.


Eric The Good

July 31, 2009

There are just certain things we know for sure.  Jessica Alba is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Cream style corn is better than regular corn.  Roger Ebert should never wear a Speedo.  Skinheads and soccer moms don’t mix.  Killing a person with post hole diggers is harder than it sounds.  Again, these are all obvious, well known facts.

We also know that Eric Berry is the greatest man walking the face of the Earth right now.  I’ve already covered his exploits on the football field.  He is regarded as the best defensive player in college football.  Some (the smart ones) consider him the best college player period.  Surprisingly it is Tulane Punter Ross Thevenot who gets some votes and not Timothy Tebow.

What about Eric Berry the person?  He is better than Eric Berry the player, believe it or not.  Here are some of his many accomplishments:

– Eric ended the Cold War by telling Russia, “Back off…or else”.

– He defeated both Downtown Julie Brown and the redheaded Julie Brown.  They were forced to leave Earth and return to the 1980s.  The world rejoiced.

– Eric brought peace to the Middle East.  He started with Presbyterian and Methodist tourists.  Next up he’ll deal with the Israelis and Palestinians.  No reason to rush things.

– He got Metallica to team up with Rick Rubin and get back to playing good music.

– Eric saved Timmy, the boy who was trapped in the well.

– He got Klondike to put a thicker chocolate shell on their ice cream bars.

– Eric does volunteer work with veterans of the Falklands War.

– He hasn’t yet cured cancer, but scurvy, measles, and polio are no longer running rampant in most countries.

I think you get the point.  Eric is a great man who does great things.  I think we all owe him a big thank you.

Thanks, Mr. Berry.

Eric Berry vs Taylor Mays

July 30, 2009

Eric Berry’s arch nemesis in the SEC is Tim Tebow.  Nationally his biggest rival is USC safety Taylor Mays.  Both Mays and Berry are star DBs for their respective teams.  They are compared frequently.  USC fans and Pac-10 apologists will try to convince you that Mays is the better player.  Sane, intelligent people (or me) know that Berry is hands down the better player.

By the numbers:

Mays (3 year starter) – 39 games – 112 solo tkls – 4 Ints – 18 PDs – 2 TFLs

Berry (2 year starter) – 26 games – 101 solo tkls – 12 Ints – 10 PDs – 10.5 TFLs

Clearly stats don’t always tell the whole story.  I think they do tell a major part of the story in this case.  Mays is bigger and faster than Berry.  Taylor is 6’3, 230.  He is a linebacker with DB speed.  Berry is 5’11, 203.  There isn’t anything special about him athletically.

The difference is that Berry has great football instincts and is a playmaker.  Mays has games where he looks great, but then he will disappear for long stretches.  Berry is there every game, doing everything he can to win.  He makes more plays behind the line of scrimmage.  He makes more plays in coverage.  He makes more plays when he does get hold of the ball.  Eric has 3 INT return touchdowns in his career.  Mays has 4 INTs period.  Eric averages 40 yards per INT return.  Mays has 40 total return yards in his career.  See the difference?

Mays wanted to go pro last year, but got a disappointing grade back from the NFL advisory committee.  He wasn’t the Top 10 player he hoped.  Berry’s lack of ideal size and great athletic ability may keep him out of the Top 10, but he will be picked ahead of Mays.  I’m willing to bet my TV Guide collection on it.

Berry vs Tebow

July 29, 2009

Many people think Tim Tebow is one of the best players in the history of college football.  He is above average.  I’ll certainly concede that point.  Is he better than Mr. Berry?  No.  Not even close.

Eric is able to dominate games simply by walking on the field.  His mere presence has significant impact.  Tebow, on the other hand, has to actually take 60 or 70 snaps each week to get anything done.

The preseason SEC voters understood this.  Berry got more votes than Tebow (62 to 61).   And if you can’t trust preseason SEC voters…well then who the heck can you trust?  They have the wisdom of Solomon and the moral strength of Thomas Becket.  If only they had the creativity of Vald the Impaler.  Voting would be pretty cool in that world.

Anyway, back to reality.  I was saying that Eric Berry is about a million times better than Tebow.  Honestly, if you take away Tim’s Heisman Trophy and National Titles, what has he really done at UF?

Check out this Youtube video of Eric to appreciate his awesomeness.

About the name

July 28, 2009

Eric Berry is God.  This is a reflection on something that was done over 40 years ago.  Eric Clapton got his start with a band called the Yardbirds.  That was in England in the early 1960s.  He left and went to play with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and then went on to Cream and became a huge star.

While a member of the Bluesbreakers and still just a star on the rise, one of Clapton’s devoted fans famously painted a wall.  The fan took a can of spray paint to a wall in Islington and wrote “Clapton is God”.  That phrase stuck and others began to decorate walls in similar fashion.  Clapton hated it, but in fact he was God until Jimi Hendrix replaced him and then Jimmy Page replaced Hendrix.

The mantle has been passed around a few times since then.  Now Eric Berry is God.  Clapton can only look on in admiration, wondering how Berry plays such good guitar solos while running back interceptions for touchdowns.


July 28, 2009

This blog has only one agenda…to spread the word of Eric Berry‘s greatness.  You may wonder who this mysterious Eric Berry is.  Simple.  Eric is greatness personified.

Berry plays safety for the Tennessee Vols.  He’s only a junior this season, but is already closing in on the all-time record for interception return yardage.  He’s only 5’11, 203 so you might think he’s a finesse player that is only good against the pass.  No way.

Eric is the best hitter in all of college football.  He will punish receivers who try to catch the ball over the middle of the field.  Eric will also come up and destroy running backs like a German Tiger tank driving over a French latrine in 1940.  Georgia RB Knowhson Moreno fled from college football for fear of having to face Berry again this season.  Smart move, Mr. Moreno.  I wonder what he’ll do if Eric lands in the same division in the NFL.  My guess…Moreno takes up hockey.

Eric has a few simple goals this year:

1.  lead Tennessee to a good record and bowl game

2. win the Heisman Trophy

3. pick off +/- 8 passes and score 3 defensive TDs

4. bring peace to the Middle East

5. find a way to make styrofoam biodegradable

6. announce who really did kill JFK

7. his biggest challenge is hunting down Jack Bauer and making sure that man gets some rest

Tennessee’s first game is September 5th against Western Kentucky.  Do the Hilltoppers really know what they are getting into?  Someone ought to warn those poor fellas that Eric is going to have a lot of pent up anger from not being able to hit an opponent in 10 months.

To quote the guy from First Blood, “Bring a good supply of body bags”.